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My Pastor, My Money, and Why We’re Not Talking

Bridging the Gap Between Pastors and Those with Wealth

Robert Moon has been both a senior pastor and a wealth management adviser for some of the most affluent communities in the nation. With his unique insights into pastoral care, financial stewardship, and money management, Dr. Moon has crafted a game-changing approach to cultivating a powerful, rewarding, and respectful relationship between clergy and their wealthy congregants. In this revolutionary book, Moon explores the inadvertent barriers created by both pastors and affluent parishioners and with sensitivity and understanding breaks down these barriers. Whether you are a church leader or a wealthy church member, you might find yourself described within these pages and, with Robert's unique approach, enjoy an illumined, more spiritually fulfilling future.

He is a sought-after public speaker, frequent guest minister and interim pastor. He holds a BA in sociology, an MDiv, a DMin, and an MBA. His home and wealth management firm are located in Northern Virginia.

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Robert Moon, Author

Bob Moon provides a unique angle of vision from which to view the relationships between clergy and wealthy congregants. His book is an important and needed guide to mutually honest, thoughtful constructive, and genuinely caring conversations about money.

      -- Dr. Guy Sayles
        Pastor, First Baptist Church, Asheville, North Carolina

My Pastor, My Money and Why We're Not Talking is a very helpful and practical guide for pastors and presents some new ways for pastors to think about their approach to affluent members. I also liked that you include the other side -- things affluent members can do to help the relationship. My hat is off to you for putting this out there!

      -- Rachel Lackey
        Co-Director, The Sabbath House, Bryson City, North Carolina


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