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My Pastor, My Money, and Why We’re Not Talking by Robert Moon
Tackles Tensions Between the Wealthy and Clergy

New Book Highlights Shocking Mistakes and
Barriers Preventing Good Pastoral Care
Offers a Clear Recipe to Start Healing Dialogue

WASHINGTON, DC, December 5, 2012 – Intermundia Press announced the release of MY PASTOR, MY MONEY, AND WHY WE’RE NOT TALKING: Bridging the Gap Between Pastors and Those with Wealth by Robert Moon (Intermundia; $16.95; ISBN 978-1-887730-27-3) - a game-changing approach to cultivating a powerful, rewarding, and respectful relationship between clergy and their wealthy congregants.

“I wrote this book because I have witnessed the painful divide between the wealthy and their pastors,” said author, pastor and financial adviser Robert Moon. “Talking about money and the challenges of wealth in a church setting is difficult and can be strained by bad assumptions and animosity, but the solution lies in starting an open conversation. This book shows you how.”

My Pastor, My Money, and Why We’re Not Talking identifies six surprising, but commonly made mistakes – three by clergy and three by wealthy congregants – that block a spiritual and fruitful dialogue about wealth and suggests ways to overcome those barriers. The book also addresses the phenomena of sudden wealth – whether from inheritance or windfall – that can require specialized guidance and pastoral care few seminaries prepare clergy for today. With his unique insights into pastoral care, financial stewardship, and money management, Moon explores the inadvertent barriers created by both pastors and affluent parishioners. With sensitivity and understanding he breaks down these barriers and offers real examples of how to bridge the gap.

“Bob does a good job of exploring what is usually a taboo subject in churches – dealing with personal wealth, especially when it is newly acquired,” said Dr. Kathleen W. Kurtz, LPC. “I suspect many pastors avoid discussing financial concerns because of their own lack of financial knowledge. Bob’s clear, straightforward writing evidences compassion for pastors and laypeople as they attempt to respond faithfully to the challenges of wealth.”

“Every once in a while a book appears addressing a subject that no other book has addressed, but one for which there is a real need,” said C. Roy Woodruff, PhD, LPC, Retired Executive Director of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. “Coming at this neglected subject with dual experience and credentials in both pastoral ministry and financial advising, Bob Moon helps pastors understand the various ways people gain large wealth and the attitudes that can accompany that wealth.”

About Robert Moon
Robert Moon has been both a senior pastor and a wealth management adviser for some of the most affluent communities in the nation. Moon is a sought-after public speaker and author, as well as a frequent guest minister and interim pastor. He holds a BA in sociology, an MDiv, a DMin, and an MBA. His home and wealth management firm are located in Northern Virginia.

My Pastor, My Money, and Why We’re Not Talking: Bridging the Gap Between Pastors and Those with Wealth
by Robert Moon
ISBN: 978-1-887730-27-3
On Sale: December 2012
$16.95; 106 pp; 9” x 6” x 0.2”

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